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What Exactly Is Concrete Stamping?

Concrete stamping is a decorative technique which imprints textured patterns onto wet concrete. Plain concrete will first be pressed using a stamp in order to create a surface which mimics brick or stone. This can be used on exterior stairs, patios, and walkways, in addition to places which surround swimming pools or fountains.

A stamp will be specially created to stamp concrete. It can be made out of rubber, wood or metal. Anything which makes an impression can also be used, like a carved wood block which is used for dyeing fabric, or a piece of decorative metal. Once concrete has been stamped, it will be then stepped upon or hit with a hammer; this is to ensure the impression goes deep enough.

A coating of oil is sometimes used on material, to stop the stamp from sticking and subsequently pulling the concrete up when removing the stamp. It’s recommended to first try a stamp on a small area of concrete, to ensure the pattern will be attractive. Even though wet concrete must be worked on quickly, it’s possible to smooth a stamped area and then re-apply the stamp, so long as the area is still wet.

Concrete stamps come in various shapes and sizes. And one used to create the look of sandstone will be big, irregularly shaped, and must create a rough texture to the surface. Whereas sandstone provides a rustic and more free form appearance, slate provides a more modern appearance. Slate drive and pathways come with a more uniform look, such as interlocking patterns, and slate concrete stamping will provide a similar look.

Powdered concrete coloring can be mixed into concrete in order to create color before it will be stamped, ranging from browns, like sandstone and cobblestone, to black which mimics slate or marble. The finished concrete can be stained with color; however, this may not last as long as it would when mixing color in when wet. No matter which method is used, stamped concrete must be sealed and cleaned every few years.

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